Sunday, 29 July 2012
Drake Gold Resources Inc. (OTC: DKGR) is pleased to announce the following updates: 

Peter Matousek has been appointed as a director of Drake Gold Resources Inc. He is the only director of Drake since Robert Jackson has now resigned. Drake wishes to thank Robert for his great service to the company. Robert will remain as a consultant for the corporation to advise on the leases that Drake still holds in Pennsylvania. 

60 barrels of oil have been produced within the last 45 days from the Glover lease. Drake will continue to develop this lease through funding that will be provided from an investment firm as mentioned in the last press release. Monies will be received within a month. 

We wish to thank all stakeholders for their loyalty and support. We can now move forward with executing our business plan with no further delays. 

For any inquires please contact Drake's Investor Relations at phone: 530-405-3547 or email: IR@Drakegold.com.


Please read the Forward Looking Statements & Risk Factors: http://DrakeGold.com/Risk_Factors 

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