Sunday, 22 January 2012
Drake Gold Resources (OTCBB: DKGR) is pleased to announce introduce its business plan for 2012. The business plan launches Drake as a property development holding company focused on developing projects through acquisitions that focus on income producing properties including real estate, petroleum and precious metal mining.

Drake has provided new information on the website under the “Portfolio” tab of the website to include information on each section of the companies area of interest. Such information can be found here: http://DrakeGold.com/Portfolio 

Drake has provided updated management information under the “Management” tab of the website and will be adding biographies on the companies additional management including: Director of Investor Relations / Public Relations, Operation Advisor and Field Operation Manager. Such information can be found here: http://DrakeGold.com/Management  

Additional information has been added to the “About Us” and “Investors” tabs of the website as well. Drake has been working to settle outstanding stock due, settling all debt outstanding, cancelling a number of common shares, obtaining financial reporting status with OTC Markets and appointing additional management.

Please read the Risk Factors: http://drakegold.com/risk_factors

Please read the entire Terms Of Use: http://drakegold.com/terms_of_use


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